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Chrysalis Health and Beauty Salon offers you a combination of
pampering and looking good. We pride ourselves in using only the best products available with ongoing training to achieve the highest standard of treatment. online booking to make things a little more convienient for you.
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Toning Chairs
Our Toning Chairs consist of six individually designed machines which combined give a total body workout. A new way to exercise!
If you are one of the many people who find the idea of going to a conventional gym intimidating, exhausting or even difficult then Shapemaster Easytone chairs are for you. They offer you the opportunity of toning up, losing inches, increasing
mobility and so much more in a relaxing, friendly environment.

The unique power assisted exercise circuit takes just 30 minutes per session with no impact, total body shaping and toning without over stressing joints and muscles. The program can be tailored to each individual to achieve the results you are
looking for, within your capabilities.

Easytone not only assist with inch loss but also benefit people with poor posture, joint problems or who are frail or deconditioned.
Below are descriptions of each chair in our circuit
Chair 1 - Warm-up
Chair 2 - Butterfly
Chair 3 - Gluteous maximus
Works on the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abdominals, upper back, buttocks and hips. Starts the circuit with warming the muscles and increasing circulation.
Shapes and tones the chest, arms, shoulders and upper back.
Tones and lifts the buttock area whilst massaging the hips. Circulation is improved in the thigh and buttock area assisting with the breakdown of cellulite.
The six toning chairs are used in a circuit. The duration of each chair is 5 minutes giving a total of 30 minute sessions. With this in mind we offer appointments 5 minutes apart ensuring you are not dissappointed when booking your next session.
Chair 4 - love handles
Chair 5 - inner and outer thighs
Chair 6 - stomach and lower back
Creates a firm, narrow waistline and flat abdominals, whilst adding strength and flexibility to the lower back.
Firms and flattens the abdominal group of muscles while strengthening the lower back.
Firms the inner and outer thighs, tightens the buttocks, and improves hip mobility.

1. Feel healthier and happier.
2. Tone and firm up.
3. Reduce and control weight.
4. Prevent diseases (Arterial, Heart, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, etc.)
5. Improve flexibility and joint mobility.
6. Relax more, cope better with stress and improve sleep patterns.
7. Speed up recovery after injury.
8. Increase endurance.
9. Assist the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to infections.
10. Make new friends.
Exercise benefits: